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2 Chronicles 11:13 

Now the priests and Levites who were throughout all Israel took their stand with him from all their territories.

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About Steven and Pamela

Mercado Ministries is led by Lead Pastors Steven and Pamela Mercado of Gateway Church Mesa Hub. We serve churches, businesses, leadership teams and our community. We are passionate about equipping and sending people to create Kingdom Culture throughout their regions. Led by the Holy Spirit as servants with the heart of Jesus, we believe in His transforming powers of healing and deliverance not only within the church but beyond in every sphere of influence.


1 Corinthians 14 - For the body is not one member, but many.


Believing we are all part of Christ’s body and we serve some function has led us to understand that the church is not based on 4 walls but is in each and everyone of us. And we can "Pop-Up" anyplace, anytime as led by the Holy Spirit that has made a home within us.

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